How Does Aromatherapy Work and What are It’s Benefits?

 aromatherapy oils and coconut oil

How Does Aromatherapy Work and What are Its Benefits?

Essential oils that are extracted from herbs and other plans have long been known to give a lot of benefits. Although they cannot entirely cure diseases and illnesses, they can give various health benefits and can contribute in curing a medical condition. For many decades, aromatherapy has been widely used for a wide variety of purposes. Apart from the nice smell coming from these extracts, aromatherapy can give you different benefits.

One of my favorite smells is coconut.  It reminds me of the time I spent in Hawaii on vacation. The memory that the coconut oil scent gives me is one of the core concepts of aromatherapy. Besides aromatherapy I also do coconut oil pulling with this product

How Does it Work?

Usually, when you hear aromatherapy, you often associate it with just the smell. But few people would know that the scent does not only give you a nice smell, it can directly affect your brain and bring out positive emotions. Studies show that essential oils can affect the hippocampus and the amygdala. These two parts of the brain are linked to emotions and memory. That is why with aromatherapy, you notice that your mood suddenly becomes better and you feel relaxed.


These natural oils also have compounds known as the terpenes. They are quickly absorbed by the body which in turn directly affects the functions of the brain. One good example is the lavender oil. This essential oil is known for its calming properties. So, whenever you smell lavender, you feel relaxed and calm.

Known Benefits of Aromatherapy

Apart from being used in health spas, aromatherapy is now widely used in treating diseases and illnesses. There are studies that would show aromatherapy can have benefits results to various medical conditions:

Menopause: For women who are suffering from menopausal symptoms, there are essential oils that can be used to reduce these symptoms. Some of the best oils that you can try is the jasmine and the rose geranium.

Giving birth: During delivery, women can be really nervous and feel anxious. There are essential oils that can soothe and calm women. The most recommended oils for women who are pregnant and who are about to give birth include rose and lavender oil.

Dementia: Having this kind of medical condition can affect the kind of life that people have. To soothe agitation among dementia patients, aromatherapy is also used. Research would show that lemon balm can calm the mind of patients suffering from dementia.

Depression: When a person is suffering from depression, aromatherapy can actually help. Just by smelling the nice fragrance of essential oils, your mind feels at ease and much more relaxed. That is why massage therapy along with aromatherapy can effectively cure depression.

Side Effects of Cancer: A cancer patient who undergoes treatment has to suffer from the side effects of the treatment. To relieve the side effects, aromatherapy is used. Aromatherapy can improve breathing rates and nausea.

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Is Aromatherapy for everyone?

Although aromatherapy makes use of natural oils, there are limitations when it comes to using essential oils. For instance, pregnant women should not just use aromatherapy without any advice from a medical professional. People who have high blood pressure and those who have allergies should also avoid certain oils.

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